Our Approach

Our goal is to train marketing college students to be capable of directing and managing the overall brand, from story to social media deployment through analytics audit.  We hope that you, as a professor or as a student, will join with us in the journey through both the textbook and our live practicum exercises.  As you will see, at the end of each chapter, we will present the live practicum exercises for participating students to complete.  These exercises will assist the student in setting up their own online campaign, specific to whatever the student wants to digitally market.

Our Story

We have run this methodology in  classes for over five years now and it has consistently rated as one of the top classes in our entire business school.  Qualitative and quantitative feedback from students have reinforced us to push into this pedagogy, and bring it to other academic institutions across the globe.  We hope that it will be as big of a success for you as it has been for us.  We greatly look forward to sharing it with you.

Meet the Team

Developed for the classroom by a PHD, with a proven approach by a Marketing Professional practiced in live business environments.

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Dr. Kyle A. Huggins

Author & Associate Professor of Marketing

Dr. Kyle A. Huggins is co-author of the Social Media Magnet. He received his Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. Dr. Huggins is a professor at Belmont University in Nashville Tennessee and teaches Social Media and Marketing in undergraduate and graduate programs. He holds the following degrees:

  • Ph.D., University of Arkansas
  • M.B.A., Union University
  • B.S., Union University

J. Elliott Cunningham

Author & Strategic Marketing Consultant

J. Elliott Cunningham is the co-author of the Social Media Magnet. He is a strategist with a successful track record of developing, positioning, and marketing a variety of industries. He has a BBA in Marketing BBA in Marketing from Texas State University and has worked in digital marketing for over 20 years. He has lectured on Marketing and Social Media.

Next Steps...

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