The Social Media Magnet is delivered online and offered for Students enrolled in qualified Universities, Executive Ed via a qualified Professor and Live Campaign is available for Companies, Non-Profits, Professionals, Individuals, etc. desiring to implement a live social media marketing campaign. All options provide Certification and Credentials verifying accomplishment that may be used on Resumes and LinkedIn. 

  • Program Offering

  • Businesses, Non-Profits, Professionals

  • Marketing Teams

  • Instructional Videos

  • Professor University Lectured

  • Brand Story Development

  • Mission Statement Creation

  • Website Strategy

  •    Create New Website
  •    Website Tune-Up Checklist
  • Live Campaign

  • Create Online Marketing Plan & Implementation

  • Email Marketing Campaign Creation

  • Content Matrix Creation

  • Promotional Calendar Creation and Implementation

  • Posting Strategy & Implementation

  • Analytics Goal Conversion Setup & Tracking

  • Analytics Reporting

  • Social Media Magent Certification




Live Campaign


Executive Ed