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Squillustrate’s Success with Saturday Morning Cartoons

Suzanna Stapler is a former student of mine.  She took my Social Media Marketing course in the Fall of 2017, and graduated from Belmont University in May of 2019.  Suzanna was gracious enough to share a little of her success story with us.  In her previous blog, she spoke
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Course Recommended For Those That Want “Hands-On Experience”

Last week on the blog, we shared Dr. Tulay Girard’s review for the first half of the Social Media Magnet curriculum. If you missed it, you can check out what she has to say about her and her students’ experience as they worked through building out editorial calendars, creating goal
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Jacquie Painten Wins First Place with Beyond the Record Blog

Jacquie Painten was a student in our Spring 2019 Social Media Magnet course.  After winning first place in our practicum competition, she reflects on her course experience.  She states: “I felt as though this was a very successful experience! I achieved the highest number of subscribers, opens, and click-throughs in

Announcing Our Social Media Magnet Certification Program for College Students

SOCIAL MEDIA MAGNET CERTIFICATION:  Around this time last year, we were able to commence our Social Media Magnet Certification Program for students of excellence who have completed our courseware and your class. This allows students of excellence who have completed The Social Media Magnet course to be rewarded for their

New Student Price for Fall 2020

The Social Media Magnet has experienced great success over the past several years as we have grown. While we continue to amplify our growth and success, we are excited to be able to offer students not only a better value, but also a better price. Beginning for the fall 2020
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How I Made the Digital Transformation During the Pandemic- A Student’s Perspective

This past semester I finished up my junior year of college in a way I never could have expected, and it wasn’t just unexpected for me, but for all students and professors alike. When I found out that I would not be coming back to my college campus after spring
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A Student’s Story: My Experience with The Social Media Magnet

Brianna Goebel is the creator of Off Broadway Beats. Over the summer I interned for a digital marketing company. Although I learned useful lessons and techniques, I wanted to see if I could put them to use. I have ran music blogs in the past, but after many failed attempts

Has the GateKeeper Changed from Influencer to Curator?

A 2019 article on discusses the problem with influencers and the promise of curators. Mike Raab claims that the problem with influencers is that they are not authentic, while curators are first and foremost unbiased, unaffiliated, and genuine in their recommendations. Would you agree that the digital marketing dynamic
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Composing Emails by the 2+2+2 Rule

In our curriculum, we discuss composing emails by the 2+2+2 Rule. If you are unfamiliar with this principle, this suggests that your audience will determine to read an email in less than six seconds.  The reader will take two seconds to scan from whom the email was sent, two seconds
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