A Professor’s Story: Learning How to Teach a Digital Marketing Class

In 2013, due to personal family reasons, I left my current university where I was an assistant professor to start a new adventure at another university more than 10 hours away from where I resided.  I was leaving a university that I had grown very fond of and leaving a
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Passionfruit Stories – Hard to Beat the Actual Fruit in SEO

When Brendan Marz enrolled in Social Media Marketing, he wasn’t quite sure what he was getting himself into for the semester.  This was one of the only classes that fit his heavily laden Music Business schedule.  He figured that he would come into class and listen to a professor lecture
Student Stories

Student Story: Brook Swiger

“I took Belmont’s Social Media Marketing course as a non-traditional student. I was placed in a position as the social media manager at my place of work and prior to that new position, I had no experience with more than a few personal social media accounts. I had no idea

McDonald’s Hiring of New CMO Proves Importance of Marketing in Driving Engagement

Trends show that the continuous questioning of the CMO role in today’s C-suites will result in decreased brand engagement. Oftentimes when companies are doing well, they look to cut “unnecessary” expenses so that their success can be amplified as profit margins increase. In recent years, it has been a trend

A Course Adaptable for Pandemic Teaching

Will COVID-19 force our classrooms to stay deserted in the fall? As the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to wage war on our world as everyone tries to gain a sense of new normalcy, one question weighs enormously on college students, professors, and universities alike- what does this mean for the

She is Now Running Their Biggest Client’s Website

When we first created Social Media Magnet as a curriculum, we knew we wanted our students to be able to leave the class with practical skills that they could apply to their jobs for years to come. In the ever changing world of social media, this was important to us
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Teaching with the Social Media Magnet During the COVID-19 Quarantine

It was Friday, March 6th, 2020, and I was saying goodbye to my students for the week, as next week was Spring Break.  They were telling me where they were going for the break, including home, NYC, and to the beach.  My family and I had a travel
Student Stories

Katie Learns Valuable Skills Through Practicum

Year after year, we hear consistent feedback from students on how much they enjoy the live practicum aspect of our curriculum because of how much experience they gain from it. This year, the reviews from students were no different. Katie Kuhnash is a recent graduate of Belmont University and took

MarTech Experience a Sizeable Advantage When Teaching with The Social Media Magnet

Over the last few weeks, we have been discussing The Social Media Magnet pedagogy with our online text and live practicum verses teaching with hard bound textbooks or simulations that mimic paid marketing processes.  One of the most important components of this live practicum is the opportunity for students to
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