Fyre Festival Burns Influencer Marketing

Two documentaries were released in January of 2019 about the infamous Fyre Festival held on the Bahama Island of Great Exuma in 2017.  If you haven’t heard about how this festival became the largest fail in music festival history, then by all means read the Wiki here.  These documentaries,

Brand Engagement Is Not A Crummy Commercial

If you’ve ever watched The Christmas Story, then you’re familiar with the scene where Ralphie receives his Little Orphan Annie decoder ring in the mail and runs into the bathroom, anxious to decode the message… only to discover that the top secret message is nothing but, “a crummy commercial”

A Professor’s Story: Learning How to Teach a Digital Marketing Class

In 2013, due to personal family reasons, I left my current university where I was an assistant professor to start a new adventure at another university more than 10 hours away from where I resided.  I was leaving a university that I had grown very fond of and leaving a
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McDonald’s Hiring of New CMO Proves Importance of Marketing in Driving Engagement

Trends show that the continuous questioning of the CMO role in today’s C-suites will result in decreased brand engagement. Oftentimes when companies are doing well, they look to cut “unnecessary” expenses so that their success can be amplified as profit margins increase. In recent years, it has been a trend

MarTech Experience a Sizeable Advantage When Teaching with The Social Media Magnet

Over the last few weeks, we have been discussing The Social Media Magnet pedagogy with our online text and live practicum verses teaching with hard bound textbooks or simulations that mimic paid marketing processes.  One of the most important components of this live practicum is the opportunity for students to

Has the GateKeeper Changed from Influencer to Curator?

A 2019 article on discusses the problem with influencers and the promise of curators. Mike Raab claims that the problem with influencers is that they are not authentic, while curators are first and foremost unbiased, unaffiliated, and genuine in their recommendations. Would you agree that the digital marketing dynamic
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Composing Emails by the 2+2+2 Rule

In our curriculum, we discuss composing emails by the 2+2+2 Rule. If you are unfamiliar with this principle, this suggests that your audience will determine to read an email in less than six seconds.  The reader will take two seconds to scan from whom the email was sent, two seconds

Gartner’s Top 10 Must Read Business Books for 2020

  Gartner is a research and advisory company that works to provide companies’ senior leaders with valuable insight, advice, and tools to help them advance their organizations. At the beginning of 2020, they released an article listing their Top 10 Must Read Business Books for 2020. Gracing this list are

How to Comment on LinkedIn as a Company Page

LinkedIn is a great platform and is steadily growing its content Post feed. However, it can be difficult to promote your Company or Organization Page. Your ability to comment as your Company or Organization Page will grow awareness and help build your brand and audience. Below we provide the steps
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